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P.T. Sukma Nusantara Transport (SUNUTRANS) is a company which engaged in Export and Import services and its logistic cargos. SUNUTRANS was founded by experienced applicators in freight forwarding and supported by experienced human resources in logistic cargo, warehousing, transportation, shipping and customs.


SUNUTRANS has become one of the leading International Freight Forwarding Companies since it was founded. With high competency in almost all aspects of cargo services and supported by strong networks, shipping and customs, SUNUTRANS has excellent capabilities in taking care every aspect of shipping your goods.    

We are committed to become reliable and trustworthy business partner in door to door import and export as well.

Types of cargo that we have been usually taking care of which are transformers, insulators, surge arrester, wires, tower materials, heavy equipments, tools, trucks, containers for office and many more.

Our loyal customers have been using our services up to now, because we always able to keep their trust in managing, taking care of and ship their goods to the agreed destination. We hope that we could become your partner and give the best services for you.

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